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About us

It is overdue

overdue is a collective of individuals who pick up trash together to make their communities cleaner, greener and friendlier.
about us
We started in October 2020 in the San Fernando Valley, CA and have picked up over 58,000 lbs of trash ever since. Our goal is to develop a network of empowered leaders of all ages who are taking responsibility in their neighborhoods.

how we got started?

about us

It all begins with one person.

OVERDUE was created out of a necessity to take on the issue of trash that we all see around us. When our founder Max and our furry co-founder Leon almost stepped on a hypodermic needle.

From there, the first volunteers were recruited. Max and Leon’s roommates Devin, Noah and Igor joined the team and our group truly began.

Since then, an amazing community of people have come together to make a difference in the community. Holding trash pickups every week, OVERDUE has been dedicated from the start to doing great things.

our philosophy

about us

Our philosophy is that if people don't see litter around, they will feel less inclined to toss it on the street.

Power in the people is greater than people in power.

- Wael Ghonim